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Grace and Peace! We are a musical trio based out of Kansas City, MO. We go by the moniker “I AM Collektive”. I AM being Christ and Collektive being us, His body. Our goal and mission statement as a group is to go beyond the 4 walls and “Reach the ONE”. The heart of I AM Collektive is leaving the “99” to impact, inspire, and see a transformation in the lives of people across the globe.

In our short duration as a group we have had the honor and privilege to minister to over 10,000 youth and young adults. Through the art of Rap, Dance, DJing, and Speaking we have experienced many of those in attendance dedicate their lives to Jesus. There is nothing more valuable to us as a group than to be a part of their lives on and off the stage. 


Whether it’s a conference, service, youth night etc we would love to come out and minister to you all! Please don't hesitate to reach out!! We are looking forward to connecting with you and rocking with your group!

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