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About Us

All to Reach the One

Collektive Company's mission is to influence the now generation, empower community leaders and to unite local communities.

Our Story

In June of 2020, Damion Cooper was sitting in his living room on day 4 of his prayer and fasting with the Lord. In his second appointment with God told him to open up his laptop and start typing. After 3 - 4 hours of writing and seeking His word, God gave Damion a vision for what He wants to do in the communities of LSMO, KCMO, State of Missouri, this Nation, and progressively moving to the ends of the earth. Collektive Company is a vision that is set for a trailblazer to do something different using musicality, speaking, teaching, influencing and most important of them all, love. This ministry is meant to impact globally. It starts with one man’s heart after God and “collektively” God adds to the team for His kingdom to come and His will to be done. Individually, God has given us each unique gifts, talents, and stories. In order to be effective with those gifts and talents, we must work “collektively” as one body of Christ.  “Reaching the ONE'' is Jesus' heart. It has never been for the religious or the people inside the “four walls”. He left the “99” to go after “1”. Collektive Company heart is to reach ONEs across the world whether that is local or global, it’s mission is to see influence and transformation in the lives of God’s people.

Meet The Team

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